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Adaptions provide you with a full installation service, from plumbing to plastering. Using qualified tradesmen you can be assured of a professional installation with a high quality finish. All rubbish is removed by us, on a regular basis and we leave everything clean and tidy.

See which type of shower suits you best

Level Access Shower Level access showering

No steps, level entry access in and out of the shower.
Low Step Showers   Low step showering

Step-in showers can be fitted in place of your bath providing a large shower area.
Disabled Bathing   Disabled bathing

Wet rooms provide level entry showering. Suitable for able-bodied and wheel chair users.
Bathroom Accessories and Mobility Aids   Living aids

Shower seats, grab bars, support rails, shower seats and other living aids.
Waterproof Bathroom Flooring   Flooring

There are a wide range of floor colours to choose from.

Wall panelling   Wall panelling

Wall panels help to create a shower area separate from the rest of the bathroom. They’re hygienic and don’t require re-grouting. Read more...

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