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Wet Room Loughborough

Waterproof flooring

Waterproof, slip resistant, hard wearing, professionally fitted

Adaptions offer Polysafe Hydro and Altro Aquarius flooring. Providing level access flooring for your wet room, the flooring is waterproof, hardwearing and slip resistant. Always fitted with coved up stands and welded joints ensures it is fully watertight.

Widely used in wet rooms, this flooring provides a safe and practical solution to your bathing needs. It is easy to clean, with no harsh cleaning products to use. Being waterproof, even if water splashes away from the shower area it won't be damaged. The slip resistant surfaces minimises your risk of slipping.

This type of flooring has moved far away from its old image of hospitals and care homes. There's a wide colour choice and when teamed with tiles and other bathroom furniture, it is not only practical but looks good too.

Colour Choices
Hydro Evolve
Polyflor Amazon
Polyflor Volta Polyflor Blue Nile Polyflor Colorado
Polyflor Tigris Polyflor Indus Polyflor Adriatic Polyflor Danube
Polyflor Blue Forge Polyflor Bisque Polyflor Marine Polyflor Oystershell
Polyflor Tempered Steel Polyflor White Stone Polyflor Woodland Grey Polyflor Sheared Slate

Technical Information:

• Raised emboss safety flooring, suitable for barefoot and continually wet areas

• Independently assessed by British Board of Agrement with product
performance assured for at least 10 years in recommended use areas

• 8 light, aqueous colourways suited to use area

• Fully HSE compliant - 36+ TRL Pendulum (wet test)

• Quartz crystals, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles
incorporated through the vinyl to improve traction and safety underfoot.

• Slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product.

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